Property Management

Yasim Laycock Properties is a boutique real estate agency that focuses on Sydney’s inner west and eastern Suburbs markets. Our new age company see’s Yasim Laycock as Licensee In charge bringing over 11 years experience within sales and property management divisions.It’s our promise to provide you the most efficient and personalised prorperty care and management at all times.

Our Property Management package includes:

  • Managing all rental payments from tenants, bill/invoice payments, land-tax dues, insurance costs and claims, Council/strata/water rates and all property repairs
  • Managing your property’s income and transferring rent to your account every month
  • providing detailed monthly statements that explain the financial performance of your property
  • Getting the best returns for your residential property with the right advertising campaign, selection of tenants, lease negotiations and ongoing property care
  • Sourcing, interviewing, selecting, placing and managing tenants in your investment property through the right advertising campaign and holding open inspections for your residential investment 6 days a week.
  • sharing premium local-area knowledge about Sydney’s inner west and eastern suburbs, including rental and sales values.
  • Always being up-to- date with Australian property laws through the PSBA Act 2002 and the Real Estate Institute of NSW int he spaces of residential property
  • Maintaining a database of accredited building Contractors and tradespeople who service your local area and offer a fast and affordable
  • Being available to landlords and tenants 7 days a week.

The way we manage your Investment property:

We take a unique and personalised approach to your investment property. It’s our mission to provide you with the most efficient and personalised property management care.

With Yasmin Laycock properties you can be assured of:

Quality not Quality-We invite and thoroughly qualify all prospective tenants prior to all rental property inspections and then handpick the best-quality candidates for you for your final approval.

Reliability-We check the incoming rental payment the day after its due date, while many other property managers check their arrears only once a week or even once a fortnight. Our approach means we know if tenants have fallen behind their rent immediately and we can follow up and immmediately focus of the recovery of the payment to ensure all funds are paid to you with minimal disruption to your cash flow or mortgage repayments.

Simplicity-You only deal with one person at Yasmin Laycock Properties . They know you, your property, your tenants and your priorities.

Responsiveness -We work around the clock to give you specialized & efficient service. Does a prospective tenant want to see your property out of office hours? We’re happy to show them through. It’s our job. And we’re commited to it.

Focus-We are passionate about property management in the Sydney market and have been for 11 years, which is how we are able to offer you the above service and commitment.